Module e2_task_supervisor

e2 task supervisor.

Copyright © 2011-2016 Garrett Smith

Authors: Garrett Smith ([email protected]).

See also: e2_supervisor.


e2 task supervisor.

See e2 supervisor documentation for more information.

Function Index

start_link/2Starts a linked task supervisor.
start_link/3Starts a linked task supervisor.
start_task/2Starts a new supervised task.

Function Details


start_link(Module, ChildOrArgs) -> any()

Equivalent to start_link(Module, ChildOrArgs, []).

Starts a linked task supervisor.


start_link(Module, ChildOrArgs, Options) -> {ok, Pid} | {error, Reason}

Starts a linked task supervisor.

See e2_supervisor:start_link/3 for details on Options.

If Module exports init/1, the second argument will be passed to init/1 when it's called. The return value from init/1 is used as the child spec.

If Module does not export init/1, the second argument is the child spec. See e2_supervisor:start_link/3 for details on ChildSpec.


start_task(Sup::Supervisor, ExtraArgs) -> {ok, Pid} | {error, Reason}

Starts a new supervised task.

ExtraArgs is a list of optional arguments to pass to the task's start function (provided in the child spec when the supervisor was started / initialized).

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