To Do

This list is a work in progress. Please open tickets in github to request changes or features. Or pull requests!


There are a number of To Do items in that need to be added here (though many of the notes in that document have been implemented or no longer apply).


  • Lots of general improvements all around!
  • Annotate each project in “examples” - there’s a lot that can be learned here.
  • Missing any real documentation for e2_log and e2_log_handler (see examples/logger for some idea of how to use this).
  • Missing docs for e2_opt. This is used throughout e2 however, so there are decent examples. e2_opt_tests.erl is also fairly complete set of examples.
  • Also nothing on e2_publisher. See examples/pubsub for some examples.
  • Examples on how to create custom e2_service behaviors. Note that both e2_task.erl and e2_publisher.erl use e2_service_impl so there’s at least a little to to go on.
  • Page that covers the big missing topics
    • Distributed Erlang support
    • Missing OTP behaviors (gen_event and gen_fsm)
  • Add a data valiation feature to the tutorial (original plan)

Project and Module Templates

  • Various embedded web servers (Mochiweb, etc.)
  • Module template for an e2_publisher